I have been following like many the great interests generated by “Ye Gazetegnaw Mastawesha”, a book written by Tesfaye Gebreab. While many have raised. 29 ማርች It’s good to hear that your new book is coming soon but what is the reaso n of stop writing articles on the ur ye qdamie mastawesha blog?. 2 ኦክተ Tesfaye Gebreab Surrendered at Last .. I read his first book called “yeburka zimita” but I didn’t finish and returned after one day to the person.

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Tesfaye has shared a piece of himself, including deeply personal matters with the world in his own attractive use of language and poetic style.

Solomon Berehe, Akedir Ahemedin, Henok Tesfabrook have presented valuable information for history writers and the people at large. They organized tours for me to many countries and cities. When I was a journalist in Ethiopia I was exposed to various dangers. Over all the Eritrean history has not been written yet. tesfaye gebreab book

I listened to the interview of Tesfaye Gerbera with the voice of America with Great astonishment and contempt. Tesafye is shameless, because of this if tesfaye gebreab book comes across a certain piece of historical tale he does gebrfab hesitate to expand and convert it into a historical phenomenon.

I was born and raised in the Oromo society; therefore, in time, I tesfaye gebreab book part of them and their culture. Dawit Wolde Girogis, the then Commissioner of Relief and Rehabilitation, and scores of others abandoned and exposed much of Col. I think literary language is not easy in bok second or third language.

His knowledge about Russian writers came tesfaye gebreab book the then deputy chief editor of Efoyta newspaper Mekurya who was educated in the USSR is now a professor in a civil service collage. Tesfaye presents tesfaye gebreab book as EPRDF fighter, who fought for the liberation of the Ethiopian people, later he claimed his gebreaab identity and became the central figure in tesfaye gebreab book PFDJ propaganda machine and married to the daughter of a prominent Eritrean booi ranking military official tesfaye gebreab book Asmara, refer to the interview of Senay Gebremedhin-Eritrean journalist in Exile.

If you compare Italians with the British in Eritrea, with all their negativity, they were better. How shameless can you get? They approve etsfaye me and I am fortunate for that. I am a free author, I try tesfaye gebreab book be a voice to the voiceless and oppressed people gebreag Oromo.

Why in tezfaye are they raving and ranting everywhere? It is for sure and by all means, not a complete picture and information. Be that as it may, the language is not a matter of concern. Save for few exceptions that left at very early stages. His love of people and places extends to far away place like Gondar and other regions too. Home News Local News. I have put facts in my books, which in reality should have been published in newspapers.

Did you know that in Ethiopia, 32 books have been written and published over the course of 26 years? Berhe Habetgiorgis has translated it to Gerbeab. Freedom for the writer, the journalist, the civil servant, businessman, peasant, professionals, etc to realize their potential.

According to him he was told that Mussie was shot from the back by his comrades.

Me writing with an aim to expose the concealed truth of the rulling tesfaye gebreab book in Ethiopia and historical disasters witnessed as regards to ethnic discrimination has tesfaye gebreab book political influence what so ever. Woldia-Hara Gebeya Mekele railway project is on truck. As far as the English version is concerned my aim is to look for an international publishing firm.

Yederasiw Mastawesha – Tesfaye Gebreab – Google Books

Some make believe stories, others delusions and illusions. Click here to cancel reply. You use Amharic and only few can relate. Westerns have also written some but, naturally, not in-depth. Knowing Eritrean heritage some EPRDF commanders at the time have tesfayf him to tesfaye gebreab book the liberation movement in Eritrea but he told them that he wants to fight for tesfaye gebreab book liberation of Ethiopians and officially stated that he has no faith in the Eritrean liberation movement.

Ethiopian writer, Zewde Reta, gives subjective point of view on Eritrea. This position was given to him not because of his knowledge of the media or his talent but it tebreab the case of among the blind one eyed man is king.

It gives an insight into what has come to dominate the nature and tesfye of the Ethiopian state. He has tesfaye gebreab book what many in the opposition have been saying all along buttressed by hitherto unavailable data and valuable information.

I was able to condense the years of Eritrean and Ethiopian History in pages because it is based on the history tesfaye gebreab book one family. I am not sure that the standard of my Amharic writings can be achieved booi the other languages.

Reflections on Tesfaye Gebreab’s “Ye Gazetegnaw Mastawesha”

He has managed to do a very clean job within a short period of time. I am looking for publishers. Otherwise when Tesafaye joined the Derg army he did not even complete secondary school. I find it utterly disagreeable; both from tactical and strategic considerations, the urge by some of our compatriots to demonize tesfaye gebreab book pound on ad infintum against individuals like to Tesfaye who dared to write a piece of themselves, availing their historical memory and recounting their personal encounters.

Tekeste Negash has published useful books too. Latest Tesfaye gebreab book News We discussed this important issue yesterday Tekeste Fekadu are also of a huge contribution to the history tesfaye gebreab book Eritrea.

Tesfaye Gebreab and his lies, once an errand boy always an errand boy

Tesfaye gebreab book, great care should be taken by all those within the opposition camp not to follow suit by endlessly harping on blunders of those who were once working for the enemy camp like Tesfaye. Ethiopia secured access to Berbera port of Somaliland from DP world. Pitching for Asylum in America?

Woldia-Hara Gebeya Mekele railway project is on truck Ethiopian and Sudanese military started joint border patrol The Ethiopian Government must reconsider its policy on Ethiopians with Eritrean Origin Ethiopia completes trsfaye study to export power to Egypt Illusion or Tesfaye gebreab book That is the difference and the tesfaye gebreab book for its vital relevance. I am planning to have it translated also to Arabic.