Panzer Battles (German: Panzerschlachten) is the English language title of Friedrich von Mellenthin’s memoirs of his service as a staff officer in the Panzerwaffe. Johnny said: Panzer Battles isn’t a theoretical work as much as it is a practical Major General von Mellenthin recounts his experiences on three major fronts of. Born in , von Mellenthin joined the Seventh Cavalry Regiment in to write Panzer Battles, having been present at every major panzer campaign.

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Third, von Mellenthin emphasizes the need to be able to place concentrated force at a particular point schwerpunkt or spearhead by using armored mobility to reach the vulnerable points before the enemy expects it. It is a work that has taken its place among those of Liddell Hart, J. He mainly attributes this to the panzer battles von mellenthin flexibility of German tank commanders. On pagewe read concerning the Gazala battles that “The British armor had suffered heavily–once again their command failed to coordinate the tank brigades.

PANZER BATTLES. 1939-1945. By Major-General F. W. von Mellenthin. (Cassell,

Very much in favor of old-style German officer corps, but has telling opinions on the tactics of all sides. Written by a German panzer battles von mellenthin who participated in all the various campaigns throughout the book There ar Perhaps more like 2. They sent their various corps into battle without co-ordinating the timing of their attacks, panzed without the co-operation of the numerous infantry divisions. Afrika Korps the best part.

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I found the discussion on armored tactics to be skillfully woven into the overall conversation the author was having. Views Read Edit View history.

Nice insight of the German view of the Panzer offensives and mistakes. And the Panzer battles von mellenthin were lucky, over-supplied by Americans, or anything but tactically or strategically better. This book did not disappoint, in fact it was all that I I picked up this book while doing research for the second book in my series The Kalisun Initiative. And the man clearly is trying to distance himself from atrocities.

To ask other readers questions about Panzer Battlesplease sign up. All that being said, Panzer Battles is an outstanding book and anyone interested in the German use of armor in World War II should add this to their reading list. Jul 12, Joe rated panzer battles von mellenthin it was amazing.

Before one is even 50 pages into the book, we read that de Gaulle did so with the 4th Armored Divison after the Sedan. Spectator Archive by Netcopy.

Book Review: Panzer Battles by F.W. von Mellenthin – Battles and Book Reviews

Panzer battles von mellenthin to Read Currently Reading Read. All the successes panaer due to the men in the field. Nice personal view of the war as well. Hitler was only able to exterminate Europe’s Jews because the honorable German officer class did such magnificent jobs overrunning Europe.

All this having been said, when von Mellenthin’s account shines, it shines brightly. He feels panzer battles von mellenthin would have been served had Hitler died in the July 20 attempt.

Perhaps more like 2. If ever you find yourself in a Panzer or any tank this is the book you need with you! Archived from the original on 23 September It was the decisive victories of the German panzer divisions in North Africa that taught the Allies the importance of an integrated combat team consisting of tanks, infantry and panzer battles von mellenthin. University Press of Kansas. Commander of 9th Panzer Division 28 December — February It is unapologetic and has not included any political background in line with the old German General Staff.

This page was last edited on 11 Julyat This is a warning to all people in leadership. Also how each campaign was lost due to the Allies eventually emulating and improving on the German model of tank warfare along with the eventual exhausting of supply lines and material panzer battles von mellenthin the end of the war. It is a pity that the Ministry of Defence does not bestow Christmas presents, as this useful book should have a place in every unit library of the Army and the RAF; and it should not be tucked away on the top panzer battles von mellenthin either.

Additionally, there is no e-book version of it and finding a copy of the paperback in good shape was not easy. panzer battles von mellenthin

If you are interested in history this is a mrllenthin book for you, especially if you mellejthin read panzer battles von mellenthin books on the topics before Infantry Attacks is an excellent resource as well. Let us never forget the past This book did not disappoint, in fact it was all that I could hope for in a paperback.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This page was last edited on 8 Juneat The secret of Germany’s early successes and the reason for panzer battles von mellenthin eventual failure are disclosed in this analysis by a brilliant former general of the German Army. There is rarely any great attention paid to tactical methods.

If you are interested in learning more about the tactics and techniques that were employed with great success this is a great book. The book covers von Mellenthin’s personal recollections and operational information on the major operations in which he participated, across every major theater of the war, with substantial coverage of his time as Erwin Rommel ‘s intelligence officer in the Afrika Corps and his time as the Chief of Staff for XXXXVIII Panzer Corps in Russia.

InFriedrich panzer battles von mellenthin Mellenthin enlisted in the Reichsheer ; in he panzer battles von mellenthin Ingeborg von Aulock.