2 Oct The Mukunda Mala Stotra (the collection verses as flowers offered to Mukunda) is a classic text coming from the Sri Sampradaya. In the Sri. 14 Sep LYRICS: (1). śrī-vallabheti vara-deti dayā-pareti. bhakta-priyeti bhava-luṇṭhana- kovideti. nātheti nāga-śayaneti jagan-nivāsety. ālāpinaḿ. 16 Apr TEXT 1: O Mukunda, my Lord! Please let me become a constant reciter of Your names, addressing You as Śrī-vallabha (“He who is very dear to.

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My mind cannot turn from Sri Krishna’s lotus feet, even for a moment. Cast aside all hesitation and concentrate your thoughts on Lord Narayana, whom one very easily attains through devotional service. All glories to Lord Mukunda, who removes the burdens mukunda mala stotram the earth!


Personal tools Log in. Obeisances to Lord Madhava, enemy of the Madhu demon. O feet, go to the temple of Lord Hari. O lotus-eyed Lord of the gopis! Retrieved from ” https: O Madhava, please do not let me even glance at those whose pious credits are so depleted that mukunda mala stotram have no devotion for Your lotus feet. Sri Vallabheti Vara Deti. All glories to the Personality of Mukunda mala stotram, the hue of whose soft body resembles the blackish color of a mukunnda cloud!


That intelligence is spotless — like the white glow stotrwm the moon or a conchshell — which concentrates on Lord Madhava. Our master, the Personality of Godhead Narayana, who alone rules the three worlds, whom mukhnda can serve in meditation, and who happily shares Mukuna personal domain, is manifest before us. What person, even if most sinful, has ever said aloud the blessed name Narayana and failed to fulfill his desires?

One who hears descriptions of Lord Janardana’s pastimes mukunda mala stotram glorious mukunda mala stotram but whose bodily hair fails to bristle in ecstasy and whose eyes fail to flood with tears of pure love — such a person is indeed the most degraded rascal.

Let me simply remain a devotee of Lord Visnu, birth after birth.


Nor mukunda mala stotram my purpose to enjoy the soft-skinned beautiful mukunda mala stotram who reside in the gardens of heaven. By Bhaktivedanta Book Trust Verses That Supreme Lord is the topmost Deity. This is the stotam mantra for destroying all enemies, the mantra worshiped by every word of the Upanisads, the mantra that uproots samsara, the mantra that drives away all the darkness of ignorance, the mantra for attaining infinite opulence, the mantra for curing those bitten by the poisonous snake of worldly distress, and the mantra for making one’s birth in this world successful.

Dear mind, stotrwm not bewilder mukunda mala stotram by anxiously thinking, Etotram can I cross this fathomless and impassable ocean of material existence?

As they flounder in the perilous waters of sense indulgence, with no boat to help them, they are sorely distressed by the need to protect mukunda mala stotram sons, daughters, and wives. What can that dispeller of the whole world’s troubles not do for His own servant? Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Verse 33 Purport 1.

The wise inhabitants of the heavenly regions know that the perfection of the head is to offer prostrate obeisances to the Supreme Lord, the perfection of the life-breath is to worship the Lord, mukunda mala stotram perfection of the mind is to ponder the details of His transcendental qualities, and the perfection mukunda mala stotram speech is to chant the glories of His qualities.

O mind, please drink the transcendental medicine of Sri Krishna’s glories. Please let me become a constant reciter of Your names, addressing You as Sri-vallabha [“He who is very dear to Laksmi”], Varada [“the bestower of benedictions”], Dayapara [“He who is causelessly merciful”], Bhakta-priya [“He who is very dear to His devotees”], Bhava-lunthana-kovida [“He who is expert at plundering the status quo of repeated birth and death”], Natha [“the Supreme Lord”], Jagan-nivasa [“the resort of the cosmos”], and Naga-sayana [“the Lord who lies down on the serpent bed”].

Please, O Lord of the universe, let me pay no mukunda mala stotram to those who avoid thinking of You.

My dear tongue, I stand before you with joined palms and beg you to recite the mukunda mala stotram of Lord Narayana. O nose, smell the tulasi buds on Lord Mukunda’s feet. O merciful benefactor of Gajendra! O feet, go to the temple of Lord Hari. It is He alone who is all-auspicious and supremely purifying, He alone who awards eternal perfection. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Verse 33 Mukunda mala stotram 2.

He is the jewel riding on the back of Garuda, who carries away the Lord’s devotees on his wings.

Mukundamala – Wikipedia

O mind, think of the mujunda Lord who reclines on the mountainlike serpent Ananta. The devotees who meditate on Him will reach the supreme perfection of the Vaishnavas.

You have mukunda mala stotram been incinerated by Lord Siva’s fiery glance, so why have you forgotten the power of Lord Murari’s disc? O mankind, with arms raised high I declare the truth!

He is the only jeweled ornament on the ample breasts of Queen Rukmini, who is herself mukunda mala stotram jewel of beloved consorts. Just put aside your various attempts at gaining knowledge and instead begin constantly chanting the mantra om namo narayanaya and bowing down to the Lord.

mukunea It was debated as far as how many verses was written. All glories to the Personality of Godhead, the hue of whose soft body resembles the blackish color of a new cloud! For these reasons I have no interest in anyone but You.

O Lord, killer of the demon Naraka! That intelligence is mukunda mala stotram — like the white glow of the moon or a conchshell — which concentrates on Lord Madhava. O husband of Laksmi, the ocean’s daughter! Mmala aside all hesitation and concentrate your thoughts on Lord Narayana, whom one very easily mukunda mala stotram through devotional service.