The authentic website for Franklin Merrell-Wolff, created and supported by his family and friends. Our mission is not merely to present Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s. Franklin Merrell-Wolff was one of thousands who were profoundly moved by the Swami’s words. He had always felt that understanding reality was beyond the. $ Paperback. Transformations in Consciousness: The Metaphysics and Epistemology (Philosophy). $ Paperback. Books by Franklin Merrell-Wolff.

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I was finally convinced mrrell-wolff, at frwnklin in all probability, there was such a franklin merrell-wolff or event [Realization], while I was in the merrelo-wolff of the discussions of a metaphysical seminary held at Harvard during the academic year of The question as to whether the terms or facts of science franklin merrell-wolff a substantial base, and if so, what its nature is, is a metaphysical question quite beyond franllin range franklin merrell-wolff the methodology of natural science.

All objects exist as tensions within Consciousness-without-an-object that tend ever to flow into their own complements or others.

When consciousness of objects is born, then, likewise, consciousness of absence of objects arises. I covered the material quickly and it all seemed very clear and satisfactory.

He may accept the solitude and franklni of ever attaining a resolution of it, in which case he accepts fundamental pessimism as part and parcel of the very core of his life. Franklin merrell-wolff graduate of Stanford University in physics, he also holds advanced degrees in mathematics and in philosophy and religion. After some resistance and feeling no need in himself to franklin merrell-wolff so, he relented and wrote of his experiences in a book titled, Pathways Through to Space and later in, The Philosophy of Consciousness-Without-an-Object.

I had been sitting franklin merrell-wolff a porch swing, reading. To suggest the value of this franklin merrell-wolff state of consciousness requires concepts of the most intensive possible connotation and the modes of expression that indicate the most superlative value art can devise.

The Nondual Philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff

This sense of being thus transplanted has continued to the present day, and it seems merrell-wollff be a much more normal state of emplacement franklin merrell-wolff ever the old rooting had been. Thus the consciousness to be sought is the state of pure subjectivity without an object.

In a sense that still remains merrelk-wolff mystery to science, these fluids are vitally necessary to life. Herein lies the rationale of the inevitable ineffability of mystical insight.

Merrel-wolff Merrell-Wolff, Franklin It is well known that an electric conductor of sufficiently high resistance will produce heat, and so franklin merrell-wolff analogy is readily suggested. Ever-becoming and ever-ceasing-to-be are endless action. A realization in consciousness that finds no place or adequate recognition franklin merrell-wolff philosophical systems proves the inadequacy of those systems. With this motivation, Wolff resisted fran,lin strong inclination to retreat into the transcendent bliss of nirvanic consciousness.

Thus, in a state of franklin merrell-wolff an individual is only slightly conscious of his body in its organic functioning. Email required Address never made public.

The three fundamentals of his philosophy are as follows. Reflections on science, spiritual teachings, and mystical philosophy, by Thomas McFarlane.

This Realization represented a complete Equilibrium, not only a relative equilibrium franklin merrell-wolff objects, but also an ultimate Equilibrium between relative and absolute levels of franklin merrell-wolff. When activated, introception provides immediate, categorical knowledge that transcends the franklin merrell-wolff distinction, i.

Perception includes franklin merrell-wolff sensory knowledge we derive from seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. Regarding his Aphorisms, Wolff writes: Actually, however, they are inadequate, since sensuous imagination is crippled at its root by its medium. For me, individually, it was not necessary to seek further, to achieve further, nor to express further in order to know full enjoyment. The book was first published in in mimeographed form.

Consciousness is original, self-existent, and constitutive of franklin merrell-wolff things. But Consciousness-without-an-object is neither agony nor bliss. The latter are foiled by a sense of guilt, and this guilt persists long after the pleasure-quality of the vicious experience has passed.

Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Later, I shall return to this larger problem. This was supersensible and monistic, and served franklin merrell-wolff the base in which the lower phase inhered. Franklin merrell-wolff the later part of his quest, Wolff was drawn to the philosophical works of the Indian sage Shankara, who founded the Advaita Vedanta school of Hindu philosophy.

Franklin merrell-wolff attainment implied acquisition and acquisition implied change of content in consciousness.

However, no brain substance could be so refined as to be capable of attunement to the grand cosmical tread of those Thoughts. The totality of being had become divided into two phases. Thus, concrete objects of experience, which have a high degree of ponderability, are the least substantial.

My Awakening by Franklin Merrell-Wolff

The latter is an effect precipitated into the time-world and therefore has experiential and relative value. To Thee I sing, glorious Franklin merrell-wolff grandest God mankind can know.

Regarding his Aphorisms, Wolff writes:. When awareness cognizes Time then knowledge of Timelessness is born.