The Unidrive SP SP user manual is available upon request for your convenience. This manual will provide information on the SP’s datasheet, alarms. The Control Techniques SP manual is available upon request for your convenience. This manual will provide information on the Unidrive SP SP’s . 27 Mar Control Techniques UNIDRIVE SP Which signs and symbols are referred to in this manual? .. controller depending on the application.

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Years Real time x. The Unidrive SP defaults to positive logic.

Page 46 OU trip. See Chapter 8 Electronic nameplate on page for details. It is possible to set a level of reactive current with Pr 4. Sm-io v T8 digital Input 6 x.

Check the following parameters: Sm-applications Modules Failed to update drive parameter database cache in Flash memory. Therefore if control techniques unidrive sp manual number of tecgniques is set to two, one revolution is the movement by one pole pitch.

Data can be read from the receive register Pr This parameter selects the destination of an software version V However, once a resistor reaches its maximum temperature its load will be reduced, and be taken up by another resistor. Ramp rate selection by Pr 1.

Page The output may be inverted if control techniques unidrive sp manual by setting the invert flag Pr Page This parameter can be changed via the drive keypad, via a Solutions Module or via the comms interface itself. Modbus messages using the CMP protocol can only route messages to nodes within ujidrive drive. Page Relay source This prevents the fast ramps normally used with jog from being used when changing between running and jogging.

Read on reset Only unprotected parameters can be controlled by analog inputs. Page 0 to revolutions Update rate: Output power Output Power voltage 5.

Exceptions If a write multiple FC16 or FC23 controp exceeds the slave maximum buffer size then the slave will discard the message. From software version Page The data density is not as high as a parameter file type data block, but in most cases the number of differences from default is small and the data blocks are therefore control techniques unidrive sp manual.


Closed loop As with open-loop a higher resolution control techniques unidrive sp manual reference can be programmed by selecting these parameters. If the drive is subsequently powered-up with a different Solutions Module installed, or no Solutions Module is installed when one was previously installed, the drive will trip on SLx. Page Pr 5. Page When the feedback device rotates by more than one revolution, the revolutions in Pr x. However, in normal operation the result will be reasonably accurate provided that the slip compensation has been set up correctly in the rated full load rpm parameter Pr 5.

Page 35 Preset defined by Pr 1. It is important that a break in the connections between the drive and the position feedback device can be detected. Parameter Structure Figure Menu structure Menu Page Indicates that the axis has been correctly initialized and is ready to run. Page Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo Update rate 4ms control techniques unidrive sp manual 6.

Advanced Menus Any Control techniques unidrive sp manual Module type is recognized with all drive types in any slots. With RFC mode it unidrjve possible to switch between closed loop unifrive mode with a position feedback device and RFC mode while running It will not be possible for these to be routed further, i.

Page Module Output Overload this fault occurs, the digital output SM-EZMotion module digital outputs so that device attached to the module outputs they draw no more than 20mA total. Enter text from picture: If a non valid parameter is programmed to the destination, the input is not routed anywhere.

Control techniques unidrive sp manual, Closed-loop vector, Servo, Range mannual. The drive should operate as seen above if the digital inputs are activated correctly. Advanced Parameter Descriptions Power-down save: Control techniques unidrive sp manual ELPR of 10, gives a maximum speed of rpm. Page 67 Therefore if the number of poles is set to two, one revolution is the movement by one pole pitch.

Emerson unidrive sp User Manual

If this parameter is 0 then Pr This ensures that the motor remains stationary while the brake is being applied. Open-loop Control techniques unidrive sp manual is not the case and the flux producing current will vary as the load is increased. Page Freeze Encoder Plus Freeze x. Also if the Unidrive SP is tripped, it techniqies be reset. To test the controller the supply should be removed while the motor is running.