No. Puffin No. Title, Literal Translation. 1, 2, A Cidadela do Caos, The Citadel of Chaos. 2, 1, O Feiticeiro da Montanha de Fogo, The Wizard of the Fire Mountain. Uma aventura em que VOCÊ é o herói! Nas profundezas da Cidadela do Caos, o temível feiticeiro Balthus Dire trama a ruína do povo do Vale do Salgueiro. 20 Jul Ilustração inspirada no livro ” A Cidadela do Caos” de Steve Jackson. Illustration inspired by the book “The Citadel of Chaos” by Steve Jackson.

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The artwork is well done in places but is rather blotchy in others. Even if you know the correct path through this adventures, you will need good dice rolls to finish especially Stamina. Buscando um abrigo para a noite fria das cidzdela, o viajante encontra o vilarejo de Leverhelven e adentra a pequena taverna do lugar, sendo extremamente mal recebido.

Fighting Fantasy Series – Brazil

The lady introduces herself as Lillantha, a priestess of the All-Mother. It was worth it to get the plastic tube! The third book, Return of the Wandererwas not translated or released in Brazil.

You hold your ground and draw your sword. Doomed I tells ya! By running at Tyutchev, the fireball just sears your back -3 stamina. His crossbow bolt misses. In some cases, with some experimentation, you may find a alternative route to achieve the same objectives at a slightly lower cost.

There are many ways to die or to lose Stamina and Skill points. Challenge him to a duel.

Item – A cidadela do caos – Demian’s Gamebook Web Page

Retrieved from ” http: In return for your kindness, Wodeman, the Guardian Druid of the Sacred Grove, rewards you with a golden apple, which will restore 4 Stamina points when eaten. You can avoid most of them if you choose correctly. Normal sort of FF story. There are several paths within the book, cidadeka this a cidadela do caos provides you with the most direct path. Not an overly hard book to complete, but Hawkana and the Red Dragon prove to be worthy opponents.

Accepting the offer, you walk with the boy to the Guilds of Learning. Not knowing about the storm drain… Editora Marques Saraiva didn’t followed the same book order from the Puffin books check the table below for the number differences.

Your mission is to prevent him from unleashing an army upon the innocent Vale of Willow by assassinating him in his lair.

A cidadela do caos hearing their qualms against the followers of the Cidaddla, the Captain signals that they are under ambush.

You encounter the Dragon near the portal to Earth. This solution attempts to minimize the number of these battles.

Solution 3 This is a rather difficult book, in a way. Will this lady never die?! Para saber mais, inclusive sobre como controlar os cookies, consulte aqui: You now look for a way home. Leaving the old woman to her fate, you exit the forested hills. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.


There are many battles to be fought along the way, a cidadela do caos will undoubtedly wear down your Stamina. When running down the stairs in front of you, you hear the tramp of feet. You are forced to surrender the Talisman to the priesthood of Death, who in turn have it stripped by the Watch, the warrior women of Cidadrla.

A Cidadela do Caos Autor: Razaak se instalou nas Colinas Moonstone onde espalhou morte e praga ao redor.

By knocking the dagger from his hand, you prevent the callous Lord Min from murdering the old man in cold blood.